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Hose Candy Customer Stories…Meet John Day

Hose Candy Customer Stories…Meet John Day

Meet John Day

John Day was under the assumption that his award-winning show car could not get any better. He knew that he had the best car he could and has received many awards to prove it. He was determined that nobody would ever be able to improve upon what he had. He told the Hose Candy team that nobody would be touching his car during a local Hose Candy sponsored event but he wanted to come check it out. He kept saying,” I don’t get it”. Boy, was John in for a surprise.


No one’s touching my car or it’s award winning engine


Check out some pictures of John’s Car before Hose Candy

John’s Sees The Light

The event was a Saturday morning and John showed up with his car and determination that nothing would be added to his car. That was until he saw the magic of Hose Candy in transforming the look of his friends’ cars. This is when John decided that his car could become even nicer than it already was.

John came to the Hose Candy team and said, I’m next right?


Check out some pictures of John’s Car during  the transformation

John’s “Got It”

The transformation that occurred over the next couple of hours can only be described in pictures and by the numbers of times that John said,


This Hose Candy stuff is AMAZING!!!


The Hose Candy team lost track of how many times John said this throughout the event and transformation of John’s car as it went from award-winning to show-stopping.  John went from a “doubting Thomas” to a firm believer and advocate of Hose Candy products. John Got It!!


Hose Candy is an amazing product! The pictures, literature and descriptions just don’t do it justice. You’ve just got to see it. It’s just “paws up” all the way around


Check out some pictures of John’s Car during  the transformation



  • Boa Clamps eliminate hose leaks forever and never need to be retightened
  • Sidewinders convert all vacuum and turbo hoses into quick couplers
  • Hose Skins protect your hoses and provide custom styling for texture and color
  • Hose Bones can custom form and bend hoses in 2 minutes that look better than factory
  • Super Shrink provides a stunning detail to hose ends
  • Hose Candy Kits bring it all together making it simple for you.




Hose Skins Hose Skins are colorful and protective sleeves that you place over a hose. We developed a new proprietary technology called Skinposite, that allows for users to install carbon fiber and Kevlar skins in a way never before possible. They are incredibly colorful or stealth black.

  • Customize hoses without disconnecting them like a/c hoses
  • Peace of mind knowing hoses are protected against heat and abrasion damage
  • Skinposite Carbon fiber/Kevlar
  • Many colors, textures and patterns
  • Stainless steel braid alternative




Sidewinders Turn traditional vacuum or turbo hoses into quick couplers minimizing leaks, making them quick and easy to connect or disconnect and look amazing. he Sidewinders come in several flavors, that contain basically the same parts, but differ in the number of parts included.

  • Convert all vacuum and turbo hoses into quick couplers
  • Prevents breaking vacuum lines and knuckles
  • Eliminates power robbing vacuum leaks
  • CNC quick-connect with 1/2 twist and color code connections
  • Works on carbs, turbos, vacuum controls and fits new or original hose




Hose Bones This is a new patent pending technology that allows users to custom form a hose in 60 seconds to look just like an original custom molded hose. Hose Bones can also come with your choice of Hose Skins.

  • Saves you time and money trying to find the perfectly formed hose for you project
  • Custom form and bend hoses in 2 minutes that look better than original O.E
  • Make a mistake, don’t worry, Bones can be easily reformed
  • The internal skeleton provides bullet-proof protection
  • Can be used for any type of hose: radiator, heater, fuel, brake booster and more




Boa Clamps These patented clamps replace ugly worm gear clamps that you never have to be retightened thanks to the dynamic tension technology. You heat them to shrink to size and they will never let go.

  • Eliminate hose leaks forever and never retighten a hose clamp again
  • Sizes from 1/2″ – 3-1/2″ and will heat shrink to conform to any shape
  • Get ride of ugly worm gear and spring clamps with a clean low profile look
  • Boa Clamps will never rust or cut you Super easy to install with a heat gun
  • Stainless steel braid alternative




Silicone Hose Hose Candy advanced silicone hose is made of the highest quality silicone. It is available in all sizes, angles and in both metric and standard sizes. Our silicon hoses is rated to temperatures above 500 deg F. and is a true performance upgrade. Use for turbo and supercharger installs as well as vacuum and heater hose. Do not use silicone for fuel or emission hoses.

  • Everything you need for custom turbo and supercharger installations
  • Add Hose Skins for a one-of-a-kind induction system
  • You can even get custom silicone artwork on large hoses
  • Silicone vacuum and reinforced turbo and heater hose in variety of colors
  • Meets SAEJ20, 4/5 ply strong and standard/metric sizes




Hose Candy Kits Boa Clamps, Hose Skins and Sidewinders have been packaged in vehicle specific kits that have the exact skin size and length for your vehicle. For the right fit, there is no “ “one size fits all”. You’ll need and want a kit sized just for your vehicle which will make installation a breeze. Call us with your your special project.

  • Hose Candy Kits make it easy and saves you time, we’ve assembled all you’ll need
  • It’s amazing how quick your underhood transformation takes place with a complete kit
  • Contains the best Hose Candy products that fit your specific project
  •  Custom Kits range from $300-$500 depending on selection and options.
  • Kits make it easy to get started with Hose Candy since there are so many options


  • "If you want the sharpest engine compartment around, get Hose Candy and let your creative juices flow"  
    Ron Henningsen
  • "We used to hide our hoses, but thanks to Hose Candy we show them off"
    Jim and Mike Ring Ringbrothers
  • "My hoses were once the ugliest part of my engine bay and now they are the star"
    Rick Leontis
  • "It's an amazing product. The pictures  just don't do it justice, you've got to see it! 

    It's just paws up. All the way around"

    John Day