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New Hose Bones Formable Hoses Available From HOSE CANDY

New Hose Bones Formable Hoses Available From HOSE CANDY


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ST. GEORGE, Utah – Hose Bones™, a new product available from Hose Candy™, are designed to improve the look and performance of today’s engines by allowing enthusiasts to make their own custom formed hoses.

Featuring a stainless steel interior skeletal structure that is compatible with most automotive fluids, Hose Bones’ unique advantage is their ability to form and retain 90-degree bends, curves and custom shapes.  They can be used in silicone hose, fuel line, heater hose, evaporative emissions hose and more.  For vacuum and turbo hoses, Hose Bones uses a silicone hose jacket that delivers superior performance in high-temperature applications.

“As vehicles age, hoses become damaged and are often replaced with standard straight hoses that are less expensive than the original equipment custom molded ones,” said CEO and founder Jon Petty.  “Because straight hoses don’t have the custom form bends, the engine can look sloppy and unappealing to vehicle customizers.  Hose Bones gives users a cost-effective way to form complex, multi-axis bends that deliver the appearance of silicone hoses.  Plus, Hose Bones are re-formable if an incorrect bend is made, allowing for the ultimate in under-hood customization.”

Hose Bones have a strong design – improved by the metal liner – that helps prevent leaks by eliminating expansion of the hose in high-pressure applications.  They also feature a minimum bend radius that prevents kinking of the hose.

In addition to the standard design, Hose Bones is available in Hose Bones Exoskeleton™ (XO), which comes in lengths from 6-12 inches and slides over existing hose to custom form bends and shapes in specific sections.  For example, if a 5/8” heater hose needs a 90-degree bend in one section of the hose, simply slide Hose Bones XO over that section and form as needed.

Oomph! Labs, developers of the Hose Candy product line, is dedicated to creating innovative automotive products that transform and improve the look and performance of vehicles.  For more information, write to 4012 S. River Rd. Ste. 4B, St. George, UT 84790; call 435.673.0777; or visit

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  • "If you want the sharpest engine compartment around, get Hose Candy and let your creative juices flow"  
    Ron Henningsen
  • "We used to hide our hoses, but thanks to Hose Candy we show them off"
    Jim and Mike Ring Ringbrothers
  • "My hoses were once the ugliest part of my engine bay and now they are the star"
    Rick Leontis
  • "It's an amazing product. The pictures  just don't do it justice, you've got to see it! 

    It's just paws up. All the way around"

    John Day