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Hose Skin FAQ

Hose Skin FAQ

Will Hose Skins fit my car's hoses?


Here at Hose Candy, we have the skins that will fit hoses from 1/4" up to 2 1/2". Our Hose Skins will fit your hoses like a glove. Our sizes include:

  • 1/2" Skins will fit hoses from 1/4" to 3/4"
  • 1" Skins will fit 3/4" to 1 1/2"
  • 2" Skins will fit hoses ranging from 1 1/2" up to 2 1/2"

We are currently working on other sizes. We are always looking to improve.

What is Skin-Posite Technology?

Skin-Posit Technology is a special coating that is applied to the skins so they are easier to handle. The coating makes the skins less vulnerable to fraying and virtually impossible to mess up the weave while cutting.


  • "If you want the sharpest engine compartment around, get Hose Candy and let your creative juices flow"  
    Ron Henningsen
  • "We used to hide our hoses, but thanks to Hose Candy we show them off"
    Jim and Mike Ring Ringbrothers
  • "My hoses were once the ugliest part of my engine bay and now they are the star"
    Rick Leontis
  • "It's an amazing product. The pictures¬† just don't do it justice, you've got to see it!¬†

    It's just paws up. All the way around"

    John Day