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Boa Clamps FAQ

What is the best procedure of shrinking the BOA CLAMPS?

The best way to apply heat is as follows:

  • Use standard heat gun with setting on HIGH.
  • Follow heat gun manufacturer's safety instructions.
  • Do not use open flame as a heat source.
  • Move heat gun around as much of the clamp's surface as possible. If you are not able to heat the whole surface of the clamp at one time, turn clamp periodically until it is impossible to turn. BE CAREFUL, clamp will be hot to the touch.
  • Continue until shrinking is complete. (The clamp will turn shiny when shrinking is complete)
  • Remove heat source and check for leaks.
  • If there are leak, simply apply more heat until sealed.
  • If you are in need of further assistance please call us at 866-760-5875.